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Welcome to our MedReach Prime. We provide Preventive wellbeing bundles and striving with holistic treatment

A platform for making your comfortable healthy living by being always beside you in solving your health needs

Preventive Health check

People should think about visiting for regular health check-ups even when they think they are healthy. It is important to know there are different dimensional view in order to tell that a person is healthy. Medreach Team help as a reminder, to fulfill the normal person health needs and encourage a healthy lifestyle

Health Talk

This is a type of wellbeing training that is utilized usually all through the world, likely more regularly than some other strategy. Ordinarily, it happens in a well-being community or facility, toward the start of the day, when the patients have shown up.

Online Consultation

Telemedicine can be a more agreeable way to deal with looking for medical services for individuals who feel overwhelmed by both clinical experts and their related environmental factors. As the clinical data is traded in severe certainty this can likewise urge a decent relationship to create among patients and medical services experts.

Continuous Engagement

Achieving the desired standard of affluent life is often challenging for many. So, by doing what is best for your body by the preventive healthcare approach, we Medreach Team is here for you to foster the active engagement of patients in their own care, in order to increase the health, efficiency, and quality of the provision of health care services

First Aid Kit

Advancing the recuperation for the most part implies utilizing the medical aid pack. It is stuffed with provisions that are fundamental for the first aider to have the option to help the individual out of luck. You can comprehend that the hour of giving medical aid is urgent. 

Why MedReach Prime?

We are committed to your Future of healthcare

Preventive consideration is the most significant advance you can take to deal with your well-being. A significant number of the top danger factors prompting sickness and unexpected passing are preventable. Finding out about and rehearsing preventive medical services, is appropriately the best strategy to keep an illness from occurring in any case.

  • Yearly Preventive Healthcare Package
  • Online consultation with our Physicians
  • Easy to use Healthcare devices

MedReach Prime Membership Plan

We offer our patients all the necessary services for preventive Healthcare. Here you will find prices for all types of services.

General Check Up

User/Yearly/ Billed annually


  • Two Online consultation
  • One yearly health checkup
  • First aid kit yearly

Full Check Up

User/Yearly/ Billed annually


  • Four Online consultation
  • Two yearly health checkup
  • First aid kit yearly

Family Package

3 User/Yearly/ Billed annually


  • Ten Online consultation
  • Three yearly health checkup
  • Continuous engagement
  • Personal consultations
  • First aid kit yearly


  1. What is MedReach Prime? 

MedReach Prime is a Preventive Health package. The main aim of this package is a preventive health screening.

  1. Who requires Preventive Health Checkup?

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